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    Announcing the Next Tournament!

    The Awesomenauts Pro League is proud to announce our second official tournament!

    Since our first tournament, the Awesomenauts competitive scene has been rapidly growing. More and more teams are forming all the time, with players eager to prove themselves on a competitive level. With our next tournament, and all tournaments going forward, our goal is to provide a platform for those teams to really see if they have what it takes to be the best. We want to provide a solid competitive experience for our players, and a place for fans around the world to see them in action and cheer them on.

    With that in mind, we have spent the time since the last tournament preparing and planning this next one, focusing on proven tournament models from competitive gaming scenes around the world. We have listened to your feedback from the first tournament, and have put together a structure we are confident will both fulfill our goals and cater to your needs as both players and fans.

    Tournament Structure
    The tournament and qualifiers will take place over a period of five days.

    The first three days of this period will consist of a series of qualifiers. Based on seeding from the results of the first tournament, teams will be organized into groups of four. Then, during this time, each team will play every other team in their group once, for a total of three matches per team. These games will each be Best of One, and may be played at any time during the three day period that is convenient for the teams involved. They must all be finished by the end of the third day, however.

    Based on the results of this qualifier period, we will then organize the official tournament bracket. The top two teams from each qualifier group will proceed into the tournament, which will begin the day after the qualifiers. Since the tournament bracket will be much smaller this time around, we will be featuring Double Elimination rules.

    The first day of the official tournament will consist of all games in the bracket leading up to, but not including, the Main and Elimination bracket finals. These games will all be Best of One.

    The second day of the official tournament will consist of only the Main and Elimination bracket finals. Each of these finals will be a Best of Three.

    1. All rounds excluding the finals will be Best of One.
    2. Main and Elimination bracket finals will be Best of Three.
    3. Games held during the qualifier period may be played at any time.
    4. Games held during the two tournament days will follow a specific schedule. Teams who do not show up for their game will be eliminated, with absolutely no exceptions.
    5. Teams may consist of three main members and one substitute. If your team consists of more than four members, make sure to only sign up the members who will be available to participate in the tournament.
    Dates & Prizes
    We are very pleased to announce that we will also be awarding prizes to the top teams of the tournament! These prizes are all kindly donated by Ronimo Games, but in order to find out what they are, you'll have to wait! But not anymore (Evan Edit)

    Tournament Sign-up Dates:

    Sign ups will take place from the 19th of February to the 4th of March
    Please sign up here:

    Tournament & Qualifier Dates:

    Qualifiers: Wednesday the 6th to Friday the 8th of march (organize your own games and tell me or TmT the results afterwards. all qualifiers must be completed by 24:00 EST on friday)
    Round one - Winner bracket finals: Saturday the 9th of march 1:00 pm EST
    Lower bracket finals and grand final: Sunday the 10th of march 1:00 pm EST

    Prize List

    1st Place $50
    2nd Place $30
    3rd Place $20

    Plus all members of the squads of the top three get a Awesomenauts soundtrack vinyl record

    NOTE: Please direct any questions regarding the tournament to either TmT, Evansevern, or Naaza, but be aware that tournament structure and rules are not up for debate.
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